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Peter Smolenski founded the Chicago Office and United States-based operations of the Shelbourne Development Group. This is a rather large real estate investment firm. It has a global reach, holding property and interests in Europe and especially in Ireland. Previously, Peter Smolenski had been engaging in personal real estate investments. He founded an S Corp called RockWater Inc., which helps to finance this habit for him by making direct investments and even providing financing.

Peter Smolenski is an experienced professional in the industry of real estate investment. He has a lot of knowledge and experience that most other professionals simply cannot approach. Indeed, Peter Smolenskihas been working in real estate investment longer than many people have been working at all—twenty years of experience speaks for itself. He has the business acumen that is required in order to be successful in the real estate investment industry too. Additionally, he knows how to manage a real estate firm. He has the management skills that are necessary to grow it from a small, local, firm, into a player in the industry. Additionally, he knows how to seek out and attain equity and debt placement on behalf of major financing institutions, how to source real estate transactions, and how to management and renovate key properties with hidden values that are not apparent to most investors.

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